Meghan Trainor says her husband Daryl Sabara is her ''little confidence booster''.

The 25-year-old singer married the 'Spy Kids' star last year, and has said she loves having him around because he's the ''best therapy'', as he always tells her she's ''beautiful'', and makes sure to lift her spirits when she's feeling her ''worst''.

She gushed: ''I do have a little confidence booster every five seconds of 'God you're so beautiful babe.' Like what?! Thank you. Love that. Love him. Having him there is the best. When I feel my worst, he just knows exactly how to fix everything and if I'm watching TV and I start spacing out, he knows and he looks at me and asks, 'What are you thinking about?' It's the best therapy all day long.''

But it's not just Daryl who gives the 'NO' hitmaker confidence, as she also admitted getting words of encouragement from Beyoncé has helped to boost her self-esteem.

She added to E! News' digital series 'Just the Sip': ''The nicest was the Queen Bey! I went up to her of course ... She grabbed my hands and said something like her daughter Blue Ivy Carter listens to my songs and I was like, 'Okay. I'm good. I can die now.' ''

Meanwhile, Meghan is no stranger to gushing over her husband, as she said earlier this year she is ''obsessed'' with the 27-year-old actor.

She said: ''We've always been so locked in and so obsessed with each other, from the beginning. Like, we're gross. Day six, we were like, 'I love you, forever. This is it.' And a month went and we're like, 'We're getting married, having two kids.' We already locked it down, we're obsessive like that.''

Meghan also said the couple are now thinking about starting a family together, and were even planning on trying for a baby on their honeymoon before the 'All About That Bass' singer realised she had too much work to do back home.

She added: ''I'm aggressive. I'm very, like, 'I want it and I want it now.' When I went on my honeymoon, I was so inspired. Like, 'We should just do it, now!' And I was like, 'Wait a second! I gotta go back and work a lot.' So we didn't do it, I'm not preggos. I just can't wait though.

''I've wanted babies forever and my mom has us when she was 23, and I'm 25, and so I'm like, 'I need them now!' I cry when I walk by diapers. It's a whole thing. My therapist is like, 'Just wait.'''