Meghan Trainor says her husband is her biggest fan.

The 'Dear Future Husband' hitmaker is loving life as a newlywed after tying the knot with Daryl Sabara in December last year, and she revealed her man is ''so supportive'' of her music.

She told E! News: ''Being a newlywed is amazing, I love it... What's really cool is having someone you love actually be a fan of your writing, and I never had that before him.

''So like I'll write a song and he'll watch me or he'll help me out or we'll get in the car after and he plays it and he's like, 'You're the greatest songwriter ever,' and that just feels amazing.''

Last month, the 25-year-old singer admitted she and the 'Spy Kids' star knew they wanted to get married within a month of being together, because they're both so ''obsessive'' and ''gross'' when it comes to their romance.

She said: ''We've always been so locked in and so obsessed with each other, from the beginning. Like, we're gross. Day six, we were like, 'I love you, forever. This is it.'

''And a month went and we're like, 'We're getting married, having two kids.' We already locked it down, we're obsessive like that.''

Meghan also says the couple are now thinking about starting a family together, and were even planning on trying for a baby on their honeymoon before the 'All About That Bass' singer realised she had too much work to do back home.

She admitted: ''I'm aggressive. I'm very, like, 'I want it and I want it now.' When I went on my honeymoon, I was so inspired. Like, 'We should just do it, now!'

''And I was like, 'Wait a second! I gotta go back and work a lot.' So we didn't do it, I'm not preggos. I just can't wait though.

''I've wanted babies forever and my mom has us when she was 23, and I'm 25, and so I'm like, 'I need them now!' I cry when I walk by diapers. It's a whole thing. My therapist is like, 'Just wait.' ''