Megyn Kelly has found herself at the centre of a media storm following comments in relation to the pepper spraying of students at the Occupy protests at UC David in the Usa, with the Los Angeles Times reporting that a number of publications have been outraged at comments that they believe essentially amount to the Fox News anchor playing down that the police had done anything wrong when taking the protestors to task.
Kelly told Bill O'Reilly, "Listen, I know the tape looks bad, I agree it looks bad, all I am saying is from a legal standpoint, I don't know that the cops did anything wrong. We're going to have to learn more about the facts," whilst also stating, quite factually, that pepper spray is "a derivative of actual pepper, it's a food product, essentially." However Twitter didn't take kindly to this and a 'megynkellyessentially' trending topic sprung up, whilst has a petition numbering some 16,000 plus demanding the 41 year old eat spray pepper live on air.
However, it's also been pointed out that the news presenter also argued in favour of the Occupy protestors within the same segment, remarking of the police offer doing the spraying in footage obtained from the incident "Really? Does this guy look like he feels threatened? I don't know," when questioned about whether the police acted out of intimidation.