Mel C thinks Victoria Beckham is ''petrified'' of performing.

The Spice Girls star has opened up about her former bandmate's decision not to reunite with the rest of the group for their upcoming UK arena tour comeback, and she suggested that the fashion designer didn't feel comfortable on stage during their previous return at the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Speaking on Jay Rayner's 'Out to Lunch' podcast, she said: ''''I'm sure, Victoria wouldn't mind me saying, the Olympics was hard for he.

''You know, she's moved on, her life has changed, and she just doesn't have that love of performing, and in fact, it completely petrifies her.''

The 45-year-old singer added that her friend is ''extremely busy'' with her career and admitted it would be tough to expect Victoria, 44, to ''step away'' from her business to take time out to tour.

Mel - who will be touring with Mel B, Geri Horner and Emma Bunton - added: ''She's extremely busy and successful in what she's doing. She has put her heart and soul into her business, and ... to step away from that, and ... not give it the time that she does at the moment would be difficult.

''But also, I'm sure, if she felt passionate about being on stage and loved it, then she'd be there... We're all very sensitive of that, and we completely understand.

''We're all sad that Victoria won't be joining us, but it's all genuinely very supportive you know, obviously understand and support her.''

Meanwhile, Victoria - who has admitted she will feel ''left out'' when she sees her former bandmates on stage together without her - has recently insisted she doesn't ''regret'' any of the outfits she's worn with the Spice Girls.

She previously said: ''Have you seen some of the Spice Girls outfits?! Some looks have been quite bold - like the black patent catsuit and the head-to-toe leather - but they're part of my journey and what's made me who I am today, so I don't regret them. Life's too short to regret outfit choices!''