Melanie C advised Billie Eilish to ensure she makes room for plenty of ''chill'' time.

The Spice Girl - who is a huge fan of the 'Bad Guy' hitmaker and attended her concert in London earlier this year - has revealed she made sure to let the 17-year-old pop phenomenon know just how ''important'' it is to get plenty of rest and not allow herself to become a slave to the music industry.

In an interview with, the 'Viva Forever' hitmaker said: ''I just told her to make sure she got some chill time because it's very important.

''You are not a robot.''

The 45-year-old star knows all about the pressures of fame, having being catapulted into the limelight alongside her bandmates - Mel B, Geri Horner, Emma Bunton and Victoria Beckham - in 1994, whilst becoming an adult.

She added: ''In your twenties, you feel like you're grown-ups, but looking back you're very vulnerable and there's a lot of self-doubt.

''There's a lot of growing and learning as I didn't know what I wanted to be, and all of a sudden these pressures are being put on you.''

Melanie - who is also known as Sporty Spice in the girl group - released her debut solo album 'Northern Star' in 1999, and admitted she felt completely burnt out and was an emotional wreck.

She recalled: ''My body finally said enough is enough.

''That was really hard.

''I was crying a lot and I just couldn't move or get active at all. I thought I was going mad.''

Meanwhile, Billie recently spoke about how meaningful it was to have met the Spice Girls and gotten their advice on navigating fame, and Melanie admitted she was blown away by the teenager's connection with her ''predominantly female audience''.

Heaping praise on the 'Ocean Eyes' singer, the 'I Turn To You' hitmaker gushed: ''I'm a huge fan of Billie.

''I think she's incredible.

''I was lucky enough to see her perform here at Shepherd's Bush Empire, which is a relatively small venue for someone with such a following.

''Her music is just off the scales. Her voice is beautiful. I love that she doesn't give a f**k.

''It was sold out, absolutely packed.

''There were so many girls in there - it was predominantly a female audience - and they sang every word, sang every ad-lib.

''You could barely hear Billie, because they were just doing the whole show.

''And it was so exciting to see a room full of girls going crazy for another girl.

''Historically, we always think of boybands and male artists as having all these teenage girls going crazy for them.

''And I think to see that for another woman was really exciting.

''She's definitely tapping into something that young women are feeling.''