Mel C ''led the charge'' for the Spice Girls reunion.

The 'Wannabe' girl group announced a comeback tour earlier this week, and now they have revealed that it has been in the pipeline for a long time.

Geri Horner told Radio 2 host - and her ex-boyfriend - Chris Evans: ''In 2012, we did the Olympics That was really fun and brilliant and there was always that feeling on and off in the last seven years that some of us wanted to... some of us didn't and it just kept on changing.

''Then, finally about six months ago... Mel C wasn't sure. Melanie B and [Emma Bunton] always wanted to do it, all the way through.

''I thought 'I'm just gonna go round Melanie C's house for a cup of tea, one last go and said 'what you think?' because there was an offer about doing it.

''And she went 'I'm not sure' - have a think about it. Then suddenly it was like the match was lit and she took charge of it and went 'I want to do it' and then suddenly we were saying 'let's just do one show', she went 'let's do loads...' She led the charge, Mel C led it.''

However, Bel B doesn't quite see it that way, and pointed out that she's been calling for a reunion for a very long time.

She laughed: ''Er, I've been leading it for 10 years, it's been my idea!''

Meanwhile, TMZ has reported that the 'Mama' hitmakers - who won't be joined by Victoria Beckham - will earn over $3 million each for their six date stadium tour net summer.

It's said that if the gigs prove popular enough when tickets go on sale at the weekend, more dates will be added outside the UK and the quartet will earn around $6.5 million each.