R&B star Melanie Fiona scored a collaboration with soul singer Cee Lo Green after cornering him in his dressing room at an awards show last year (10).
Grammy-nominated Fiona admits she had never met Green prior to her daring stunt and she was flattered when the F**k You hitmaker knew who she was.
Her efforts paid off - Green reached out to her a few months later and asked Fiona to lend her vocals to the reworked version of his song Fool For You.
She tells WENN, "The song that I have out right now with Cee Lo came about... because I kinda just ran up on Cee Lo at the Soul Train Awards last November and I just went into his dressing room and said, 'Hey, we haven't met before, I'm Melanie Fiona, I really wanna work with you', and he was like, 'Oh, you sing that song... It Kills Me, I know who you are!'
"And then a few months later I got the tape from him to jump on the remix to Fool For You."
But Green isn't the only big star Fiona has landed a duet with - she worked with reggae legend Bob Marley's son Stephen earlier this year (11) on his tune No Cigarette Smoke (In My Room) and insists it was a "huge dream come true".
She says, "It's been pretty cool... I have another single out right now with Stephen Marley. Bob Marley's one of my biggest inspirations, so to be able to collaborate with the Marley legacy in general and make great music with the Marley family is really a huge dream come true."