Mena Suvari was attacked by an ''a**hole creature'' as she slept and bitten on the face.

The 'America Beauty' actress awoke on Tuesday morning (06.12.16) to discover she been the victim of a nighttime nibble by an unknown creepy-crawly which left her with a small hive on her right cheek, a type of allergic reaction to the fang-delivered poison.

Mena believes it was a spider who decided to inject its' venom into her body which has upset her because she never annihilates arachnids when she discovers the eight-legged beasties in her home and always sets them free.

Posting a photo of the bite on her WhoSay account, she wrote: ''Shoutout to the spider (or some assholecreature) that decided to crawl over my face at night and bite me. #ISavedYouBefore #GoDie (sic)''

Mena, 37, is not the only celebrity to be attacked by a venomous creature.

Kelly Osbourne has become a favourite victim for spiders and in the summer of 2015 she had to go to hospital after being bitten by an unidentified species of the bug.

The 'Australia's Got Talent' judge was bitten on the neck and had to give several blood samples to determine the best course of treatment.

When she's not being bitten by bugs, Mena has been working on new 1970s-set TV show 'American Woman'.

The series, set during the sexual revolution, is inspired by the upbringing of 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star Kyle Richards - who is serving as a co-executive producer on the programme - also stars Alicia Silverstone and Jennifer Bartles.