Mena Suvari would like to move to the UK.

The 33-year-old actress spent time here while working on wedding comedy 'The Knot', and she had such a great time in Britain she would consider relocating in the future - especially to London because it is so ''vivacious''.

She said: ''I haven't had much time to do much sightseeing but I did manage to do a road trip in a mini to Stonehenge. It was lots of fun despite being a little tricky driving on the other side of the road.

''I hope to see more of England in the future. I might even move here. I love England. There is so much history here. London is an amazing city, it's so vivacious.''

The country is not the only British thing Mena - who recently completed her divorce with second husband Simone Sestito - is into, she is also a big fan of supermodel Kate Moss and in particular, her style.

She told The Sun newspaper: ''I love Kate's look, she is so stunning and never seems to age. How does she do that?''