Meredith Monroe has a group chat with her former 'Dawson's Creek' co-stars.

The popular drama series starred the likes of Katie Holmes, James Van Der Beek, Joshua Jackson and Michelle Williams, and Meredith - who was reunited with her castmates earlier this year for the show's 20th anniversary - has revealed they've done their best to stay in touch with each other.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Weekly', Meredith said: ''James, Josh, Katie ... we're all in a group text.

''We reconnected and now we have a group text going again, so that's been nice.''

The 48-year-old actress admitted to being thrilled that the cast had a chance to reconnect, saying it was like a ''day hadn't gone by''.

She said: ''It was so great ... It was like we didn't even skip a beat and a day hadn't even gone by. It was a blessing.

''Throughout the years we would go in and out of touch [depending on] whatever was going on with people's lives, but we definitely did reconnect with the reunion, so it's been great.''

Meredith has also landed a role on the hit teen drama '13 Reasons Why' - which centres on the suicide of a young girl - and she thinks it's ''amazing'' to be involved in such a poignant show.

The actress said: ''I was so blessed with 'Dawson's Creek' and so blessed with 'Criminal Minds', then this came along and I was like, 'Oh my gosh, really? This is amazing' because they're all very important shows for different reasons.

''They breed so much connection and communication and bringing up subjects that are hard to deal with, so it's special to have been a part of all three of those shows. I think they're all very pivotal.''