Meryl Streep has become a grandmother for the first time after her daughter welcomed a baby boy.

Actress Mamie Gummer gave birth to a little boy, who she has with her husband Mehar Sethi, Us Weekly reports. At the time of writing, no other details are known about the baby's date of birth or weight.

Meryl had previously confessed she is proud her daughters pursued acting careers as she knows that living up to her own success and achievements is a ''burden'' for Gracie and Mamie.

She said: ''I'm so proud of Gracie and of Mamie, who were willing to follow in their mother's profession despite all the pressure and attention that comes of being Meryl Streep's daughters. They're very strong-willed and determined young women. I only want them to be happy in life and I'm very supportive of their work because they made the decision knowing they would always have to deal with that added burden.''

Though she has been working for over 40 years, Meryl still takes great pleasure and satisfaction from her work.

Asked if she still gets a kick out of acting, she added: ''Yes. The best thing is when you're playing a scene and you become your character. That's when you know you've succeeded at what you've worked very hard at to accomplish in your profession. Those are the truly thrilling moments.''