Glastonbury Festival 2019 will see the introduction of a new ''hidden gem micro venue'' to the Silver Hayes area.

The iconic festival have added a new venue called No Average Groove which will feature a variety of ''music and styles'' and promises to play the ''hottest underground '' dance tracks.

Glastonbury said in a statement: ''New micro venue No Average Groove will feature all genres of music and styles. There will be nothing average about this small stage, the new hidden gem of Silver Hayes.

''So get your dancing shoes on and groove to the tunes from the hottest underground dance music scene.''

This won't be the only change this year as it was previously announced that the event will feature a brand new 60-metre pier.

The festival's founder, Michael Eavis, has announced that this year's event will feature a new show by Joe Rush - an artist whose works have previously featured at the festival - and explained that the sculpture artist will be creating an ''an enormous pier'' called ''Glastonbury on-sea''.

The piece will resemble a ''Victorian pier'' and won't be the only new elaborate artwork fans can expect this year as Glastonbury will be replacing their famous Arcadia spider - a giant fire breathing metallic monster with DJs performing underneath it which has been a mainstay of the festival for years.

A spokesman for Arcadia previously said: ''Same field - new world! We are currently wrestling giant bits of machinery.

''A vast new project is taking shape at Glastonbury that will lay the foundations for a new site-specific landscape and an evolving show in the sky over the next five years''.

Co-organiser Emily Eavis - who is the youngest daughter of Michael - previously revealed that this year's Glastonbury would see some ''radical switches''.