One of the jurors on the Michael Jackson child molestation trial alleges the jury foreman Paul Rodriguez threatened to have her thrown off the case.

Speaking on US TV show RITA COSBY: LIVE AND DIRECT yesterday (08AUG05), jurors ELEANOR COOK and RAY HULTMAN both admitted they believe the THRILLER singer was guilty of sexually molesting teenager cancer sufferer GAVIN ARVIZO.

Cook, 79, and Hultman, 62, are in the process of writing tell-all books on the Jackson trial, called GUILTY AS SIN, Free As A Bird and THE DELIBERATOR respectively.

Cook alleged Rodriguez, the foreman at the Santa Maria, California, courthouse, threatened them for disagreeing with the rest of jurors, saying, "He said if I could not change my mind or go with the group, or be more understanding, that he would have to notify the bailiff, the bailiff would notify the judge, and the judge would have me removed."

Hultman agreed with Cook and alleged he also felt threatened.

Jackson was found not guilty on all 10 charges in June (05).