Real-life soap opera or just a ploy for attention? After a DNA test, 31-year-old singer Brandon Howard has emerged as the possible “love child” of the late Michael Jackson. This according to E! News, who reported the results of the alleged DNA test. From the pictures, posted along with the report, it’s evident that Howard bares a striking resemplance to the late king of Pop, but any actual relation is yet to be confirmed.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson may have had a secret son all along.

Dr. Joseph Goodman, a Beverly Hills dental surgeon, revealed the alleged results, and claimed he obtained a sample of Jackson's DNA from a dental device that had belonged to the "Thriller" singer and was purchased by Goodman at auction. For his part, Brandon Howard is attempting to distance himself from the whole affair. He did take the cheek swab necessary for the DNA analysis, but Howard wants to make it clear that he did not seek out any of the following publicity and will not be suing Jackson’s estate.

"It seems a lot of people are speaking on my behalf, so I'm going to keep this short and simple," he said in a minute-long video on Facebook. "One, I did not call TMZ, I didn't put out a story, nothing. Two, I never proclaimed to be Michael Jackson's son. Three, I am definitely not suing the estate. I have been taken care of very well and also I make my own cash. Four, It's true I had a DNA test, but this had nothing to do with any of this, I swear on my life."

This is what Howard looks like. Resemblance?

Howard continued, "I'm done, wherever you guys go from here, that's what it is and whatever the DNA results come out to be, the results, it is what it is. This is coming from me personally, so spread it around and make sure everybody knows this is me, OK, me, alright?”

According to the estate lawyer, Howard Weitzman, the whole thing sounds like a scam. Weitzman explicitly said that he had never heard of Brandon Howard before this story. Even if the claims turn out to be false, however, Howard’s back story is too good to miss. The singer was born in 1982 to gospel singer Miki “Billy” Howard, who knew Jackson in the early 80s. In 1983, Jackson released the song Billie Jean, which is about him denying the paternity of a child.