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Michael Richards - 43rd Daytime Emmy Awards held at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel - Press Room at Bonaventure Hotel, Daytime Emmy Awards, Emmy Awards - Los Angeles, California, United States - Sunday 1st May 2016

Michael Richards

Stephanie Richards , Michael Richards - CBS' Daytime Emmy After Party held at Alexandria Ballroom - Arrivals at Alexandria Ball Room - Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 2nd May 2016

Stephanie Richards and Michael Richards
Stephanie Richards and Michael Richards

Will 'Seinfeld' Soon Be Coming To An Internet Streaming Service?

Jerry Seinfeld Julia Louis-Dreyfus Jason Alexander Michael Richards Larry David

We could all soon be enjoying the luxury of watching our favourite episodes of ‘Seinfeld’ whenever we wish, as the series is reportedly close to inking a deal with an online streaming service. According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony Pictures Television is in advanced talks to sell reruns of the series to an online video service, with a deal possibly being reached within a matter of weeks.

Jerry SeinfeldSeinfeld could soon be availble to stream at your pleasure

Hulu, Amazon and Yahoo are said to be among the bidders for the sitcom, while Netflix has apparently passed after taking a “hard look at the series last year”. But whoever decides to purchase 'the show about nothing’ wont be getting a bargain, as sources report the deal could fetch a price well north of half a million dollars per episode.

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Michael Richards - Michael Richards leaves the Palm restaurant in Beverly Hills - Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 4th March 2015

Michael Richards
Michael Richards
Michael Richards
Michael Richards

Michael Richards - Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS) Daytime Emmy Nominees Reception 2014 - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 19th June 2014

Michael Richards

Jerry And George Seen Outside Tom's Cafe - 'Seinfeld' Is DEFINITELY Coming Back

Jerry Seinfeld Jason Alexander Michael Richards

Of course it’s not definitely coming back, but it’s a laugh to talk about Seinfeld making a return to screens, and Jerry Seinfeld being spotted with Jason Alexander outside the iconic Tom’s Café in New York is a great place to start.

Jerry SeinfeldJerry Seinfeld has absolutely nothing to worry about

Lucky Twitter user and “Thai Food Enthusiast” @ClubAliP spotted the pair and subsequently snapped them. She (the person in the picture is a female, but we don’t know if she’s a women) then uploaded it to Twitter.

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Michael Richards - 'Kirstie' series premiere party held at Harlow - Arrivals - New York City, New York, United States - Tuesday 3rd December 2013

Michael Richards
Kirstie Alley and Michael Richards

David Chappelle Tried A "Reverse Kramer" On Those "Young White Alcoholics"

Dave Chappelle Michael Richards

When Michael Richards went crazy on stage, calling people all kind of awful things, many – including himself – thought his career was over. For some reason, far be it from us to guess why, David Chappelle’s attempt at the reverse hasn’t been treated with the same vitriol.

Dave ChappelleDave Chappelle cruising in his Range Rover circa 2008

But by Chappelle’s own admission, he was "I wanted to pull a 'reverse Kramer' and call them all 'crackers' or something like that."

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Seinfeld's Kramer Set To Make Television Comeback

Michael Richards Jerry Seinfeld Jason Alexander Julia Louis-Dreyfus Seinfeld

Everybody's favourite Seinfeld character, Kramer, who was lovingly played by Michael Richards, is set to grace the small screen once more alongside Cheers actor Kirstie Alley in the US sitcom pilot for Giant Baby.

Richards will play a limo driver for Alley's Broadway star, who has to deal with the son she gave up for adoption coming back into her life. He rose to prominence with his excellent work, mastering the art of slapstick comedy while punctuating it with some excellently delivered lines. His quirky acting style and signature cheesy grin have become iconic, and his performances alongside pals Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza and Elaine Benes culminated in one of the most powerful comical quartets in television history. He was, however, embroiled in controversy when, inexplicably, he shouted racial slurs against hecklers during a standup appearance at a Los Angeles comedy club. It was out of character, and Richards issued a heartfelt apology, even correcting those that found it funny, asserting that it was in fact a very serious matter. 

It looks like Jason Alexander, who played the part of George in Seinfeld, is still to really do any meaningful work after Seinfeld. Jerry is still doing stand up, which sells out most of the time, Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elaine) has Veep, and now Richards has a new pilot. The whole gang got together on Curb Your Enthusiasm for a comeback show written by Larry David.

Seinfeld's Michael Richards To Make TV Return?

Michael Richards Kirstie Alley

What better time to capitalize on the return to the limelight of Seinfeld (well, one poll voted it the best American sitcom ever anyway) than to plot a return to television? That’s exactly what Michael Richards is doing, with The Hollywood Reporter, err, reporting that we could be seeing him on American TV screens again quite soon!

Richard is apparently being tapped-up to co-star opposite Cheers duo Kirstie Alley and Rhea Perlman in TV Land’s Giant Baby. Sounds pretty promising to us, though we do hope it doesn’t descend into the sort of comfortably nostalgic comedy that can occur when such a cast are assembled. Anyway, Giant Baby apparently has been created by Marco Pennette and revolves around Broadway star Madison Banks who reconnects with her long-lost son after the death of his adopted mother. Perlman’s down to play Banks (Alley) best friend whilst Richards will be doing a turn as her limo driver. Again, sounds alright really doesn’t it.

There is a somewhat serious reason as to why Richards hasn’t been seen regularly on TV screens of late; back in 2006 he responded to a heckler during a stand-up routine at Laugh Factory with a racially tinged rant that placed him in trouble and damaged his reputation. Could this role provide some sort of redemption? Only time will tell.

Seinfeld: Season Seven Review

Season seven finds Jerry Seinfeld and gang still riding a wave of popularity and impressive creativity. In this season's best episodes, catch-phrases still in wide use were created ("The Soup Nazi" is one of the series' best-loved episodes and a highlight of this box set). Even lesser episodes are still impresive: George's embracing of the calzone as a favorite lunch treat, which becomes boss Steinbrenner's treat as well, is as guilty a pleasure as the series ever put forth.

But most of the episodes exhibit that same intense sense of vague dissatisfaction with life and ironic displeasure with just about everything that became staples of Seinfeld. Whether Jerry's trying to snag a marble rye, Elaine is deciding the "sponge-worthiness" of her sexual conquests, or -- in the season's major running plotline -- George is doing anything to get out of his impending wedding (which he succeeds in in the season finale), the show remains completely watchable and never short of hilarious. Alexander's frustration with fiancee Susan makes him a real centerpiece of the season, as even Jerry himself takes a back seat to George's insane antics.

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Unstrung Heroes Review

Diane Keaton's directorial feature film debut is a very impressive one. Unstrung Heroes is a smart, bittersweet drama about a boy growing up in postwar suburbia. 12-year old Steven Lidz (Nathan Watt) is surrounded by his inventor father (John Turturro) and nearly-insane uncles Danny and Arthur (Seinfeld's Michael Richards and Maury Chaykin). When his mother Selma (Andie McDowell) develops cancer from her chain smoking, Steven's life begins to slowly unravel.

The pressures of Selma's illness take their toll on everyone, and Steven becomes lost in the cyclone of anger and sorrow that accompanies any tragedy like this. To find peace, Steven runs away to stay with his uncles, where he finds a new world of self-realization, living on his own terms instead of the indifferent rules set down by his father and by society.

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UHF Review

Since it's debut in the late '80s, UHF has since managed to obtain some sort of cult status; mostly among potheads and manic, munchie-hungry, college kids. Creator "Weird Al" Yankovic would blame its dismal box-office performance and subsequent disappearance on a release date which pitted it in a hopeless battle against some of the most popular films of all time. But judging from the content of the film, that's just an excuse. Thankfully, Weird Al has stayed away from movies ever since.

UHF stars parody song-writer Yankovic as a hapless dreamer who assumes control of a failing UHF television station. This serves as the perfect format for Weird Al to do what Weird Al does best: parody! Honestly, UHF is really just a platform for Weird Al to engage in his usual assortment of skits, song parodies, and wacky hijinks. When focusing on that, UHF is dumb, but quite honestly funny. Michael Richards (the future Kramer) even jumps in as Weird Al's crazy janitor, who eventually earns his way on air as a popular children's show host.

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So I Married An Axe Murderer Review

Shhh. Don't tell anyone. There is a legion of us Axe Murderer fans out here. Most of us live in San Francisco, but we're really quite universal. Wayne's World? Pathetic by comparison. So I Married an Axe Murderer is easily Mike Myers' best movie -- hilarious, with Myers taking his comedy to a new level not hidden within a funky costume (as in Wayne or Austin Powers). We long for a sequel. And much to the annoyance of our friends, we quote it incessantly. Give this film another chance or we'll practice the ancient from of Scottish martial arts on your ass -- Fuk Yu!

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Trial And Error (1997) Review

Michael Richards can usually do no wrong, but Trial and Error misfires enough to be mostly forgettable, though occasionally laugh-out-loud funny. In this very loose remake of the 1962 Peter Sellers film, we find Richards and Jeff Daniels stuck in Nevada in a mixed-up court case where the actor (Richards) is forced to represent a man (Rip Torn) accused of fraud while the real lawyer (Daniels) sits on the sidelines. Things run smoothly until, oddly, Daniels is tossed out of court, where he spends the remainder of the film nuzzling Charlize Theron and breaking up with his wife-to-be. After about 40 solid minutes, we're left with two lame romances, as Daniels' straight man devolves into a ridiculous hippie loser.
Michael Richards

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