Michelle Williams feels the ''dynamic'' on set has changed since the rise of the #MeToo movement.

The 'Venom' star is grateful for the campaign, which has encouraged people to speak out about sexual misconduct they have experienced in Hollywood and the wider world, and Michelle feels she is ''heard'' in a completely different way now.

Speaking in a roundtable with her contemporaries for The Hollywood Reporter, she said: ''The dynamic on sets has changed. They [her producers and co-workers] don't hug you anymore. You don't get a morning grope, you get a handshake now. And I feel like I'm heard in a different way - or that the space has opened up for me to be able to be heard. There wasn't even a space before. Like the air was so thick you just figured out how to work underneath or around it.''

Meanwhile, Michelle praised the #MeToo movement for being one of the most ''rewarding'' aspects of her life.

She shared: ''It's been really heartening and rewarding for me to hear from other women ... How they heard what I went through and how it gives them an example [of how] to ask for reparation, and to be able to institute that tiny little model in other scenarios. That has been really one of the most rewarding things - not just of my career, but of my life. Also, to have things flipped. Because I went from feeling very helpless, and now I feel helpful.''

Michelle became embroiled in a gender pay row over her fee for starring in 'All The Money In The World' in 2017 after it was revealed she was paid substantially less than her co-star Mark Wahlberg.