Michelle Williams is keen to star in a 'Dawson's Creek' reboot.

The 38-year-old actress - who played the part of Jen Lindley in the hit TV show - has revealed she is eager to return to the series, although she admitted that her character's death will make a comeback tricky.

Asked about the possibility of rebooting 'Dawson's Creek' - which also starred the likes of James Van Der Beek and Katie Holmes - Michelle said: ''I'm like 'Why not?' Although, my character died, so I would have to be a ghost.''

The popular teen drama ran from 1998 to 2003, and helped to launch Michelle's career in Hollywood.

Katie, 40, has also previously expressed an interest in reviving 'Dawson's Creek', although she admitted there hasn't every been ''any serious discussions'' about the possibility.

Asked whether she would be interested in a reboot, she shared: ''Yeah, I mean it was a wonderful experience - it would be great to try to capture that again.''

By contrast, series creator Kevin Williamson has admitted it's not an idea he's especially keen to explore.

He also downplayed the possibility of it ever happening, saying the show's ending in 2003 has ''put a button on it''.

Asked about a potential reboot, Kevin explained: ''What would we do?

''One of the reasons we did the finale five years in the future was to put a button on it. What would a reunion be? What would that look like? Why would you? I don't see it and I don't feel it.

''The finale was such a beautiful moment in time and the show was always meant to be a nostalgia piece. Let it stay there and live in its nostalgia and its nostalgic universe.''