Mick Fleetwood insists Fleetwood Mac have no plans to retire.

The band is preparing for another tour next year and even though he recently turned 70, he doesn't believe this will be the last big tour for Fleetwood Mac.

When asked if this will be the final tour, he told Rolling Stone: ''No. I don't know where that is coming from. In my mind, it's not, and everyone in the band has decided that it's not. But we thought we were finished 30 years ago. And so it's a Rolling Stones model. I don't know if morbid is the correct word here, but when everyone is in their seventies and you think about five years from now ... You know, at some point I wish I'd seen Frank Sinatra. And I didn't. And lo and behold, one day Frank's dead. Phil Collins is calling his tour 'Not Dead Yet'. Well, we're not dead yet, but god forbid, we might be, so you could be like, 'I better go and see them!' But you will not see a poster saying this is our farewell tour that I could dream of.''

And Mick has already been planning the setlist with Stevie Nicks.

He said: ''I was in Italy recently and met Stevie out there. Actually, she was in Capri and I was close to there. She said to me, 'Let's sit down and really listen to some stuff that sort of almost got forgotten.' So I know she's already thinking she wants to do some things we haven't done in years. I always think that Stevie and Lindsey [Buckingham] should do a Buckingham Nicks song in the set. And have Christine [McVie] should do a blues song. I hope it certainly won't be the same show as we did before. We always played nearly three hours, and we cut it back a little bit for the wear and tear, but we do over two hours. And when you got three singers, which is, like, three bands, really, to get that perfect set, it's a trip.''