Veteran rocker Mick Fleetwood urinated on the White House lawn at a gig for former U.S. President Bill Clinton's leaving party.

Fleetwood Mac were asked by Clinton's wife Hillary to play at the surprise bash in 2001, and they were waiting to go on stage when the drummer realised he needed a restroom break.

However, it was too late to make it back to the building so an aide asked for official permission for the rocker to use the lawn.

He tells Britain's Event magazine, "Tents were set up on the White House lawn and we were waiting outside for our surprise entrance when I realised I'd never make it through the set without a pee. Returning to the White House, a few hundred yards away, wasn't an option and the only toilet was through the audience."

Fleetwood didn't know what to do so he turned to Carl, his manager, who alerted a guard: "(He) put his finger to his ear and came back with: 'Mr Fleetwood is clear to p**s on the White House lawn, sir.' With that, the guard led me out of the tent and let me do my business, free as a bird."