Mick Fleetwood loves Fleetwood Mac more than he's ever loved any of his wives.

The co-founder of the legendary rock band has confessed that although he married three times - and had numerous affairs - his love for music is unsurpassed.

Asked whether this is the case, he told The Sunday Telegraph newspaper: ''I think it has been, yes. I didn't consciously think that, but when you put together a book like this [his new autobiography 'Play On'] there is a lot of pain.

''Jenny [Boyd, his first wife] helped me write the book and there's lots of stuff I don't think I even knew about Jenny. I wanted and needed to go there.''

The 67-year-old star also revealed he feels ''haunted'' by Peter Green, the band's founder who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Speaking about Peter's illness - which has been blamed on the amount of LSD he took - Mick said: ''He haunts me. His illness could have come on without any drugs. He was incredible sensitive. You would never have known how much Peter was suffering. We never knew he was in a whole heap of trouble.

''We never had the tools of recognition because he still seemed like Peter, and when the transition came, it was something that pushed him over the edge. This delicate, incredibly sensitive person was already asking himself questions.''

The 'Go Your Own Way' hitmaker admits he and his bandmates - Stevi Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham and John and Christine McVie - should have realised the seriousness of the situation from some of Peter's lyrics.

He explained: ''He wrote a song, 'Man of the World'. It's terribly sad. There are words in it, 'I just wish I'd never been born'. We should have realised but we just didn't know.''