Mick Jones and Don Letts are planning a Big Audio Dynamite get together for 2011 after reuniting to revamp the group's debut album for a re-release.
Letts admits he was wary about stepping back into the studio with The Clash guitarist to rework the tracks on This is Big Audio Dynamite - for a 25th anniversary release, but the two old friends and former bandmates worked so well together, there are now plans to put the band back together.
Letts tells Billboard.com, "If Mick wasn't tied up with Gorillaz, it might happen this year... Maybe next year.
"I've got to admit that in the past I'm not a great one for reformations; I always think if you're lucky in life, you get a window of opportunity, use it to the best of your ability and then f**k off and let someone else have their turn. But here I am 25 years down the line considering the thing."
Jones is currently preparing to tour with former The Clash bandmate Paul Simonon and Damon Albarn's Gorillaz.
Jones and Letts formed B.A.D. in 1983 and released nine albums before disbanding in 1998. Their hits included Medicine Show and E=MC2.