Punk great Mick Jones has hailed the new LIBERTINES album, which he produced - calling it "touching and beautiful".

The Clash guitarist also insisted the band can sort out the problems they are now facing after Pete Doherty was dropped because of his drug addiction problems.

Jones says of the LP, which was completed before Doherty's unsuccessful stints in Britain's PRIORY CLINIC and the Thailand rehab centre that prompted his exit from the band, "It's almost like they've come into themselves, and the living that they've done since last time has all gone into this. You know what I mean?

"And the subtext of the record is really great as well. It reaches you, it reaches you in the right place. It touches you. It's touching. It's beautiful really."

When asked if The Libertines have a future, he adds, "I hope so. I think so. We're positive, we've got a lot of love. We've got a lot of goodwill.

"People love the band, because they can touch them on that place. You can recognise that but no one can obtain that. You can go for it but it's a once in a generation thing.

09/07/2004 17:35