The Wrestler star has eight wins under his belt and he wants two more fights in 2017 to end his ring career with 10 victories.

Telling TMZ he's "a cold piece of steel", Mickey insists he's in tip-top shape and will retire after two more boxing bouts.

He also offered support to former UFC champ Ronda Rousey, who took a beating at the hands of Amanda Nunes in her comeback on Friday night (30Dec16).

The bantamweight fight was stopped after just 48 seconds, but Rourke insists Ronda has got nothing to be ashamed about.

"Ronda was unbeatable for a long time...," he told TMZ. "Every great fighter has lost...

"She became a role model for millions of girls and boys, so her legacy is already written in stone."

Meanwhile, Rourke hasn't fought since 2014, when he beat Elliot Seymour in an exhibition fight in Russia.