The boxer who was beaten by Mickey Rourke in Russia last month (Nov14) has been banned from fighting in New Jersey after confessing to purposefully throwing the match.

Elliot Seymour stepped into the ring with The Wrestler star in Moscow on 30 November (14), but only lasted two rounds before Rourke was declared the winner.

At 29, Seymour is more than half the Hollywood actor's age, and the ease with which Rourke won sparked rumours suggesting the bout had been fixed.

His opponent initially denied the allegations, but now Seymour has come clean, admitting he was promised $15,000 (£9,375) to lose by Rourke's team - although he is convinced the 62 year old knew nothing about the fix.

Speaking to, he said, "I was told specifically to go down in the second (round)... They told me to come out of the first round... feel it out, and the second round, catch a body shot and go (down).

"As far as I know, Mickey had no knowledge of this, he was in the dark... He didn't have anything to do with the fix..., that was all his people..."

His confession has since prompted boxing officials in New Jersey to ban him from climbing into a ring in the state, with NJ State Athletic Control Board commissioner Larry Hazzard, Sr. stating, "He admitted that he took a dive. I would not issue him a license based off that admission. I don't think he's deserving. It's a no-brainer."

Sporting authorities in California have also cast doubt on Seymour's eligibility for future matches there, adding, "It'd be very difficult to imagine ever sanctioning (a fight for him)."

Seymour did little to put a stop to the accusations before confessing to the fix after previously claiming he had only received $10,000 (£6,250) of his promised fee.

Former boxer Rourke has yet to comment on the match-fixing allegations.