R&B singer Miguel has insisted that, despite what the organisers of last month's Billboard Music Awards have said, he was never told to not to attempt his disastrous stage jump. The singer tried clearing a gap in the stage where some audience members were stood, only to land leg first on two unwitting fans.


According to TMZ, the 'Adorn' singer had attempted the jump in rehearsals a few times and not only was he not told to drop the stunt, but was asked before the show if he was still going to go through with the jump before the show so that the cameras didn't miss it. This completely contradicts what the producers at the BMAs said previously, with the music bigwigs having previously told press outlets that executive producer for the showcase Don Mischer had spoken to Miguel personally after rehearsals to told him not to perform the ill-fated leap.

A rep for the singer went on to say that not only was Miguel never told not to try the jump, but he was practically encouraged to go ahead with the stunt. The rep bluntly told TMZ, "The reports claiming that Miguel was warned by producers not to jump are completely false."

One of the two women hurt in the jump, Khyati Shah, is now claiming that she has begun suffering symptoms of potential brain damage and should her fears be realised then she will be seeking retribution for her injuries. The rep went on to say "A number of attempts were made to reach Khyati and her lawyer after the performance to see how she was doing and whether any assistance could be offered," however it seems that the attempt to make amends have fallen on deaf ears so far.

Miguel's ill-timed jump wasn't the only blunder on the night, with Justin Bieber getting booed off stage after telling the audience he should be taken more seriously from now and, and Kid Rock giving a cheeky shout out to "all the artists out there lip-syncing over pre-recorded music."

Still, all publicity is good publicity and the fact that we're still talking about the awards show now must be some solace to the organisers of the awards show.

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The singer insists that he was never told not to attempt the ill-timed jump

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No matter who was in the wrong, the whole thing was pretty funny