Mika has his own personal chef - which drives his boyfriend crazy.

The 'Grace Kelly' singer lives in London with his partner Andreas Dermanis and he has a host of home helpers, including a gardener, a cleaner and his on-call cook and Andreas gets frustrated to be surrounded by people every week when he's trying to relax. Speaking to Italian magazine Tu Style, Mika said: ''I can say my home is full of books. There's a lot of art, and there are my two dogs. There's a gardener, a person who takes care of the home and a cook because eating is fantastic! And then there's my partner who is always surrounded by people he doesn't know. That makes him go crazy!''

Mika and Andreas have been together for 10 years and are as much in love now as they've ever been.

However, the 33-year-old musician isn't thinking about starting a family with Andreas because he works too much to be a present and involved parent.

Speaking about the possibility of having children, Mika - who is hosting a new TV show 'Stasera Casa Mika' on Italian TV channel Rai 2 - said: ''No, my life is too selfish. Being on tour for 15 months is a huge emotional investment. You have to be around tolerant people ... With a child this would not be possible.''