Mika wants a baby.

The 33-year-old singer - who lives in London with his partner of 10 years Andreas Dermanis - and revealed he would love to have children and would consider adopting.

Mika is currently hosting a new TV show 'Stasera Casa Mika' on Italian TV channel Rai 2 and when he was asked by his guest Antonella Clerici if he would like to have children, the star replied: ''You know if you do this job you have to be a little selfish.''

However, Antonella replied by asking: ''Ok, but where's your mum now?''

And Mika said: ''She's here, in the backstage. It's true, you are right, I get it. Yes I would like to have a baby. But how to have a baby... for me it's a little bit more complicated. Maybe I could adopt, or there are many other ways to have a baby nowadays. And the only thing that counts is love in the end. If a baby is loved, he has everything he needs.''

The revelation that he is getting broody comes as a surprise, as just recently Mika insisted he was too selfish to think about having children right now.

He said: ''No, my life is too selfish. Being on tour for 15 months is a huge emotional investment. You have to be around tolerant people ... With a child this would not be possible.''

And Mika also admitted that his entourage, including a gardener, a cleaner and his personal chef, frustrate Andreas when he's trying to relax.

He explained: ''I can say my home is full of books. There's a lot of art, and there are my two dogs. There's a gardener, a person who takes care of the home and a cook because eating is fantastic! And then there's my partner who is always surrounded by people he doesn't know. That makes him go crazy!''