Mika approached 'Origin of Love' like it was the last thing he ''was ever going to make.''

The 'Celebrate' singer suffered from writer's block before writing his latest album, but once he started working with other people his creative juices started flowing.

He told DigitalSpy.co.uk: ''I had a much more liberal approach with this record. For my last album I had the idea that everything had to come from me only - I sat behind a piano for months - but this time I allowed more people in.

''There was one person who wouldn't work with me at first and I hounded her until she did. I approached this record like it was the last thing I was ever going to make.''

Mika said a real turning point in making the record - which was partly inspired by his sister Paloma's near fatal fall, in which she was impaled by the legs on railings after falling four floors - was when he wrote first single 'Celebrate'.

He added: ''This single was me realising that I was happy again. I was that feeling that, f***ing hell, I can make this strange music that no-one else is allowed to make.''

Speaking about working with producer Pharrell Williams on the single, he added: ''The aim was just to make interesting music with charm and if it goes beyond that, then great. He was very clever and quick - he called me a scientist though which couldn't be further from the truth!''

'Origin of Love' is released on October 8.