THE BEACH BOYS star Mike Love laughs off the myth he made fellow singer Brian Wilson's life hell.

The I GET AROUND musician, 63, is confused by his villainous reputation within the legendary band, because all he ever did was attempt to protect Wilson from sycophants "feeding him drugs".

He says, "It all boils down to, 'Let's hate Mike Love.' But why do you want to hate Mike Love? What did he ever do to Brian? Did he hit him? No. Did he steal from him? No.

"Did he give him some good hooks and some good lyrics to go with his songs? Yeah. So I don't understand the 'us' and 'them' situation.

"There were people around Brian who didn't like me because I didn't like them because they were feeding him drugs.

"I wanted to throw certain people out the window who had heroin on the road before Brian even left the tour."

While Love smoked his "fair share of marijuana", he learned to attain natural highs through the use of transcendental meditation.

He comments, "I can totally understand self-medication, but once you learn meditation, you don't have any reason to be anxious about things."

26/11/2004 19:12