Mike Love's latest feud with former Beach Boys bandmate Brian Wilson has been thrown out of court over a disputed partnership arrangement. The singer alleged a 2004 promotional CD of re-recorded Beach Boys songs - given away as part of a promotion in Britain's Mail On Sunday newspaper - cost him millions of dollars, damaged the reputation of The Beach Boys and violated their "partnership." But U.S. District Judge Audrey Collins poured scorn on Love's lawsuit last week (11May07), claiming the partnership he speaks of never existed and pointing out the plaintiff has repeatedly done the very same thing he accuses his cousin and former bandmate of doing. In a 17-page decision, obtained by Rolling Stone magazine, Collins rebukes Love and states he and Wilson never had a business partnership to begin with and any partnership they ever had stopped in the 1960s and was merely creative in nature. She also points out, "Plaintiff also admits that he re-recorded some of the co-authored songs several times between 1996 and 1998 without first informing (Wilson)." Love has sued Brian numerous times in the past and prior to this has always been successful.