The singer, who is the sole licensee of the Beach Boys name, hasn't been portrayed in the best light in previous Beach Boys books and now he's hoping to set the record straight in his own tome.

Love insists it's time for him to speak out after years of being "ostracised" and "vilified" by bandmates like cousin Brian Wilson.

"It was like I hardly did anything and Brian did everything," Love told Rolling Stone. "It’s like kind of trying to erase somebody from history or create another reality.

"(I've been) f**ked with."

And Love hopes his book will make fans take another look at him and see him differently.

"The fable is that I’m such an a**hole, but a lot of that stuff is skewed by the crazies," he added. "I never said half the s**t that’s attributed to me. I mean, I must be pretty prolific in a**hole-type things to say, like, I get up in the morning thinking, 'I’ve got a job to do. How can I be a total jerk today?'"