Mike Myers' biggest fan is his six-year-old son.

The 55-year-old actor has countless fans across the globe thanks to his work in movies including the 'Austin Powers' and 'Shrek' franchises, but he'll be hard pressed to find a super fan bigger than his own son Spike, whom he has with his wife Kelly Tisdale.

Mike said: ''It was one of those crazy summer rains, and we were snuggled under a blanket. Spike whispers, 'Can I tell you a secret?' Then he goes, I'm your number one fan.' I literally couldn't handle it. 'I'm your number one fan?' I mean, stick a fork in me, dude. I'm done.''

The 'Wayne's World' star also has Sunday, four, and Paulina, two, with his spouse and took a break from acting when his son was born in order to focus on raising a family.

Speaking to People magazine, he added: ''I always wanted to have a family. I have three beautiful kids. I can't believe my luck, I really can't. It's the happiest time of my life. And it's been hard to leave the house. So the last six years has really been hanging with them.''

His comments come after he previously revealed Spike was desperate for him to revive the 'Austin Powers' franchise with a fourth movie.

Mike said: ''I know what I'm doing in terms of my kids now, so that was a good six years. But Spike keeps asking me, 'Where's the fourth Austin Powers,' which is the weirdest thing. I'm like, 'Get off my back. I'm doing my best.'''

The star also revealed that Spike was about to go to sleep one night when he asked if there would be a fourth movie.

He explained: ''And I said, 'I'd like to. I don't know.' Then he said, 'What's Dr. Evil's lair?' And I said, 'An oil rig,' and he said, 'What's an oil rig?' I said, 'It's where you drill oil at sea.' He goes, 'It should be a sewer,' and fell asleep.''