Mike Tyson moved on from boxing back in 2006, but it is just now becoming apparent how far he’s moved as he sets out to voice a character in his own animated series on Adult Swim. The former world heavyweight champ will voice an animated detective, who solves mysteries along with his pigeon sidekick. The character features many references to Tyson in real life – the former boxing champion raises racing pigeons, for example. Like the real-life inspiration, his animated version also has a face tattoo, but this one will be magical, said Adult Swim’s statement announcing the show. Sounds like a Tyson vehicle, pure and simple. The question is, will it work?

Tyson, whose reputation had gone downhill after his 1992 rape conviction, has managed to mend his public image somewhat after getting a cameo in the film The Hangover. He is currently trying to build a new name for himself and get a second turn in the entertainment industry. Fresh off the tour for his one-man autobiographical stage show, Tyson will soon start work on The Mike Tyson Mysteries, which will consist of 15-minute episode to air on Adult Swim, but the exact date has not been announced. Regardless, his appearance on the network, which is mainly geared towards young adults, is probably going to earn Tyson some credit with the demographic.

Mike Tyson, Undisputed Truth Stage Opening
After his stage show, the cartoon will be a shift in tone for Tyson.