The Hangover star shared a video on in December (15) showing him testing out his daughter's hands-free Segway device in his home and falling hard on his back on the floor.

In the caption, he wrote, "Seemed like a good idea to ride my daughter #milantyson #cyboard #hoverboard (sic) but guess not..."

He has now revealed the accident was more serious than it looked and he rushed out of the house in the middle of the night to see a doctor because he was in so much pain.

Tyson tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "I went to the doctor at 3am because I was in pain. There's no broken bones, I'm just a little bruised..."

The 49 year old goes on to declare that adults should be banned from riding hands-free Segways.

"They should be illegal to anybody over the age of 18," he adds. "My daughter, however, could play a competitive game of tennis riding it... My kids, as soon as they get out of bed, they roll on them into the bathroom. They're got parking spots for them, it's the future."