Mila Kunis wouldn't be surprised if Ashton Kutcher turned out to have a secret life as a spy.

The 'Spy Who Dumped Me' actress thinks her ''smart'' husband would have the skills and intelligence to conceal another identity from her for many years.

Asked if she could picture Ashton as a secret agent, the 34-year-old actress told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''I'd be like, 'I knew it!' Clearly, that's why I married you, now what do we do?'...He's so smart. I wouldn't put it past him.

''Like, ten years from now he's like, 'Babe, I got to tell you something.' I'd be like, 'Yeah, OK, I totally believe it.' ''

And Mila - who has daughter Wyatt , three, and 19-month-old son Dimitri with her spouse - admitted the 40-year-old actor sometimes arouses suspicion because he has so many different jobs.

She laughed: ''He also has multiple jobs, like, not everything adds up where I'm like, 'What do you really do? What is this office you claim to go to, and why is there many different locations of this office?

''I question it. You are welcome to ask him.''

Mila stars in the spy comedy with Kate McKinnon as friends who are thrust into international espionage when the brunette beauty discovers her ex-boyfriend was secretly a spy, and the 'Saturday Night Life' star admitted the pair struck up a genuine friendship during filming.

She said: ''I feel like [we] laugh so much. I genuinely laughed a whole bunch.''

Meanwhile, the 'Black Swan' actress recently spoke of how ''crazy neurotic'' she was about keeping her relationship with Ashton a secret when they first got together in 2012.

She said: ''We were crazy neurotic about keeping it a secret, probably to a massive fault where we alienated so many friends, I'm sure.''

The couple - who married in 2015 - previously worked together on the sitcom 'That '70s Show', and Mila revealed she felt a spark during their first real-life kiss.

She said: ''I'll tell you this - while I was single I never spent the night at another guy's house.

''This was the first time that I spent the night at the guy's house.''