Review of Inhaler Single by Miles Kane

Liverpudlian puppeteering former rascal Miles Kane ventures forth into the solo spotlight with his new single, 'Inhaler'. The single serves as an amuse-bouche to precede both his up coming tour, supporting the Courteeners, and his new hotly anticipated album. The debut solo is described by Kane as quite "Quite hard" and from the evidence of the first single, quite potent as well.

The Cave loving Coral appreciator Kane has taken the heavier elements from his former bands and unleashed a "guitar grinding" 60's infused piece of Indie Power Pop. Released as a single on 22nd of November, but available as a stream from his own website for some time, Inhaler has been gathering momentum through major league national airplay for the past few weeks. This short, sharp, shouty and anthemic slice from Kane hasn't made the midweek chart update but it has provided a tasty morsel from the upcoming solo album.

Andrew Lockwood

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