Miles Teller is still a little ''banged up'' after his car accident last week.

The 'Whiplash' star was driving through San Fernando Valley with his girlfriend on December 22 when a taxi driver turned left, driving in front of Miles' Bronco and causing the accident. The accident caused his truck to flip.

Speaking to TMZ cameras at Los Angeles International Airport recently, he admitted the couple were a little ''banged up'' still but insisted ''it wasn't as serious as it could have been''.

Miles, 29, also revealed he is keen to get his beloved Bronco back so is hoping the insurance will pay out.

He also admitted he didn't know how the passengers in the other car were doing but did say ''they went to the hospital with pretty serious injuries''.

It comes after Miles took to social media soon after the crash to let his fans know he and girlfriend Keleigh Sperry were doing alright.

He wrote at the time: ''Me and @keleighsperry are okay. I hope the other passengers are as well. The over driver pulled into oncoming traffic and bad accident was unavoidable ... This woman's irrational and ignorant decision put our lives and her passengers in very real danger. Happy we could walk away. (sic)''

After the incident took place, Miles was understandably not very happy and got out of the car to scream at the driver. However, he was concerned for the two passengers in the Uber taxi, who were thought to have received the worst injuries. They were taken to hospital for minor injuries but Miles and Keleigh came out of it OK.