Police in the U.S. have hit back at claims they botched a probe into the disappearance of tragic actress Misty Upham, insisting they acted professionally at all times.

The August: Osage County star was found dead in a ravine in Auburn, Washington earlier this month (Oct14), days after she was reported missing.

Her father Charles later blasted local cops over the tragedy, accusing them of bungling their investigation and of ill-treating Upham during previous call-outs in the months leading up to her death.

However, a spokesman for the Auburn Police Department has now hit back, issuing a statement to People.com denying any wrongdoing.

The officers even insist they used cell phone data to try to trace the actress through her phone signal but were unable to locate her.

The statement reads, "Since July of 2013, the Auburn Police Department has responded to five separate incidents involving Ms. Upham. On four of those incidents, she was contacted by officers and she did not object to being transported by private ambulance for further evaluation. On the 5th incident, Misty had already left the residence and officers were unable to locate her. Each contact was handled professionally and with compassion, with the goal of getting Ms. Upham the attention and care she needed...

"There have been no mistreatment complaints received by the Auburn Police Department from Ms. Upham, her family, MultiCare Auburn Medical Center, King County Sheriff's Office, Muckleshoot Indian Tribe or elected officials at the City of Auburn. It has been inferred that she may have suffered a black eye at the hands of police, but that is not correct. Rather, included in a related written report, Ms. Upham stated that she had sustained a sprained ankle and black eye when she jumped out a two-story (sic) window...

"The police did not ignore Ms. Upham's disappearance in this most recent episode. An active search and investigation commenced. On Oct. 6, area checks were done in and around the home where she was last seen. Officers immediately followed up on all reports of her possible whereabouts... The Seattle Police Department also checked an address provided by family, that Ms. Upham and members of her family were known to frequent, all with no success."