Mollie King is terrible at replying to her friends' emails and messages.

The 31-year-old star spent her Sunday afternoon clearing 1,600 unread emails from her inbox, and she was shocked to discover that some of the correspondence dated back to 2016.

Mollie admits she is completely unorganised when it comes to her emails but she now feels like a ''new woman'' after resetting her inbox to zero.

Speaking on her BBC Radio 1 show 'Matt and Mollie' on Monday (13.08.18), she said: ''On Sunday (12.08.18) I whittled my emails down from 1,600 emails to nothing ... It's not that I'm that popular, some of these are back from 2016. I replied to the ones from the last six months and I just thought, 'If it's older than that then nobody cares.' They don't though. I just started the replies with, 'I'm so sorry, I've only just seen this.' It's the truth, I'm just terrible with the old email inbox, there were a couple of things I missed out on ... This is a completely new me now though, I'm fully cleansed, I'm back in the game, I'm keeping on top of these emails and I'm a completely new woman - watch out world!''

Mollie also doesn't regularly answer the messages she receives on WhatsApp or via text and she admits she finds all the different modes of smartphone communication to be very ''stressful''.

She added: ''I'm just so unorganised with my phone, it's the same with WhatsApp and texts. I always mean to read them, it's just stressful.''

Mollie's radio co-host Matt Edmondson was shocked by her casual attitude to her emails and messages because he can't go to sleep until he has replied to all his correspondence for that day.

He told her: ''That is just so stressful, everyone has got a friend like this in their lives who just has a big red splotch on their home screen, which says, like, 2,500 emails unread, I can't stand it! My system is that I have about six unread which I haven't dealt it with yet but I will at some point get to them and clear. I don't like having them unread, I don't know how you got 1,600 of them.''