Mollie King doesn't consider herself to be a ''sex symbol''.

The Saturdays singer might have millions of fans across the globe, but she admits she still ''finds it weird'' when people recognise her on the street, and often feels ''self-conscious'' about the way she looks.

She said: ''I would never see myself as a sex symbol at all. I'm quite a self-conscious person and I definitely have hang-ups but you get to the point where you should accept your body and love what you have. It's the inside the counts. I still find it weird when people recognise me. If anyone approaches me and asks if I'm Mollie from The Saturdays, I get shy and embarrassed.''

And although the 'What About Us' singer is used to dealing with fame, she admits she still finds herself getting ''totally star-struck'' whenever she meets somebody she's a fan of.

She added: ''I am totally star-struck by everyone. I can usually talk for England but when I met Take That, I was utterly silent. I mean, what do you say to Gary Barlow? I've also got loads of photos at home where I've gone up to a celebrity and asked for a picture. People probably dive into their dressing room when they see me approaching now.''

Mollie isn't nervous when it comes to love though, as she admits she ''falls in love easily'' and always leads with her heart - which she says isn't always a good thing.

Speaking to TV Life magazine, she said: ''I think I fall in love easily. Every decision, whether it's my love life or my career, I lead with my heart instead of my head, which sometimes might not be the best thing. The main thing is they have to get on with my family because we're so close and I spend so much time with them. And they have to make me laugh.''