Mollie King ''loves everything'' about Christmas.

The Saturdays singer has said the festive season is her favourite time of year, because she loves getting together with her friends and family for a host of Christmas themed parties.

When asked about her party plans this month, she said: ''I love everything about Christmas. It's the best time of the year to get together with friends and family, I'm sure there will be lots of parties!''

And this year, the Radio 1 Weekend Breakfast Show presenter will spending Christmas Day (25.12.18) with her family at her mother Susan's home.

She added: ''This year, all the family are spending Christmas at my mum's. My four nephews will be there, running riot! So there will be lots going on.''

Mollie already has her festive outfits planned and ready to go, as she says she's making sure she dons plenty of ''sequins and sparkles'' whenever she gets the chance.

Speaking to TV Life magazine, the blonde beauty said: ''For this time of year, I love to wear sequins and sparkles; it's the only time of year you can get away with wearing them head to toe.''

Christmas also marks a good time for Mollie to unwind, as she recently said she gets stressed out by her phone because she's terrible at replying to messages, and recently cleared 1,600 emails from her inbox.

She said: ''I whittled my emails down from 1,600 emails to nothing ... It's not that I'm that popular, some of these are back from 2016. I replied to the ones from the last six months and I just thought, 'If it's older than that then nobody cares.' They don't though. I just started the replies with, 'I'm so sorry, I've only just seen this.' It's the truth, I'm just terrible with the old email inbox, there were a couple of things I missed out on ... This is a completely new me now though, I'm fully cleansed, I'm back in the game, I'm keeping on top of these emails and I'm a completely new woman - watch out world!

''I'm just so unorganised with my phone, it's the same with WhatsApp and texts. I always mean to read them, it's just stressful.''