Review of The World I Want To Leave Behind Album by Moneen

Canadian quintet Moneen released their debut album in 2001 and are now onto their fourth full-length release. They tour the UK in May, including an appearance at the Slam Dunk Festival, before heading onto mainland Europe for a handful of shows.

Moneen The World I Want To Leave Behind Album

Beginning with the title track, Moneen develop a sparse intro into a grand musical explosion which is surprisingly pleasing and it is followed by the impressive 'Hold That Sound'. Pitched at the heavier side of emo (think Kids In Glass Houses), it has an edge that catches the ear and hints that the act are capable of a high quality. Unfortunately the same can't be said of 'Great Escape' or the stuttering 'The Monument', which is more of the standard of You Me At Six. Predictably there are a number of ballads thrown in, which vary quite greatly in quality, from the unimpressive 'Lighters' to more mediocre offerings such as 'Redefine', but far and above anything else on the record is 'The Way'. Beautifully capturing a mood of melancholy, it pulls off the rare feat of a grand song from the genre being effecting and resisting the urge to become overblown. It's the standout moment on a record of peaks and troughs.

Alex Lai

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