The Driving Miss Daisy star, who teams up with Michael Caine and Alan Arkin for the new comedy, admits he doesn't possess light fingers in real life.

"I’ve tried a couple of times and just came to the conclusion that that was never going to be my bag," he said at the film's Los Angeles premiere on Thursday (30Mar17). "I have never successfully stolen anything."

Castmate Caine is a more seasoned pro when it comes to theft, admitting, "I used to steal apples when I was a little boy.

“I was in London. I was evacuated to the country in the Blitz (World War Two). You know, when the Germans started bombing London, and all of the boys were taken away."

But thieving didn't stick for the Brit: "My mother always said to me, 'You don’t want something of someone else’s'," he recalls. "She always made me very proud of the fact that whatever I had was mine, and never belonged to anyone else. So, I'm the least likely person to be a thief.

"None of these characters (in the film) are likely thieves. It’s just a certain financial situation, and that’s one of the attractions."