Review of Puzzles Like You Album by Mojave 3

Mojave 3
Puzzles Like You
Album Review

Mojave 3 Puzzles Like You Album

You can always rely on 4AD record label to bring you 'proper' indie music. 4AD has been bringing quirky music to the world since before the current crop of 'new indie' bands, like Hard-Fi and The Kooks, were a twinkle in a marketing man's eye.

Mojave 3 are indeed quirky. There's a hint of Beach Boys surfadelica on opening Truck Driving Man, along with jangly guitars, piano tinkling and true pop sensibilities. This continues throughout the album, leaving you would an imaginary world where the Beach Boys reform as an 80s indie band.

Really though, that is what The Mojave 3 sound like – a non-threatening, quirky 1980s indie band. It's hard to imagine anyone who could enthuse about this with any real passion. With some music, even though you may not like it, you can see why others do. It's really difficult to stretch the imagination this far with Mojave 3 I'm afraid.

Richard Edge

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