Review of Self Titled Album by The Lost Patrol Band

The Lost Patrol Band
Self Titled
Album Review

The Lost Patrol Band Self Titled Album

Swede Dennis Lyxzen appears to have made the transition from being the frontman of Refused, through being voted Sweden's sexiest man, to releasing a fourth album with power-pop punksters The Lost Patrol Band.

It has to be said that this is a relentlessly hooky collection of tracks, kind of like the Beach Boy's sense of melody being used by the Damned. Occasionally the pop punk sensibilities and surf-rock of the Ramones can be heard, 'I Don't Understand' being a perfect example of this.

This is harmless enough stuff, not necessarily possessed of enough gravitas or weight to set the world on fire, but if you want a nice collection of power pop tunes to while away the hours, you could do worse.

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