Nadine Coyle has slammed the Girls Aloud song 'Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me' for encouraging low self-esteem.

The 32-year-old singer was formerly a member of the girl group - who found success on talent show 'Popstars: The Rivals' in 2002, and split in 2013 - and recorded the track in 2012 for their album 'Ten', but has said she can't stand listening to the song after she realised the lyrics talk about needing to ''validate'' feelings of beauty.

When asked what her least favourite Girls Aloud track is, Nadine said: ''That song 'Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me' - that, I don't like at all! I listened to it and I was like 'Hang on a minute, so I'm only beautiful because you tell me!?' I'm not on board with that. I'm beautiful anyway, not because you told me.

''We should all be like that. We don't need people to validate ourselves. So I just said, I'm not gonna sing on that song.''

Since the split of the 'Can't Speak French' hitmakers, Nadine has embarked on a solo career as well as dabbling in acting, and she admits she'd love to appear on Irish-based sitcom 'Derry Girls', as she's keen to get involved in comedy.

When asked by BUILD if she'd consider appearing in the Channel 4 show, she said: ''Yes, potentially that's something that could happen.

''I would much prefer to do comedy than other stuff. The kind of roles that I've been offered are more seductress roles - or 'get Nadine with hardly any clothes on', or roles that have ended up being really great films, but I'm like, I just can't bring myself to do that. What if my Mummy and Daddy are watching that!''

Meanwhile, despite not agreeing with the message in all of Girl Aloud's catalogue, the Irish star recently revealed she considers herself the ''biggest fan'' of the girl group, which was completed by Cheryl Tweedy, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts, and Kimberley Walsh.

She said: ''A reunion would be great. I love Girls Aloud. I'm their biggest fan.''