28 DAYS LATER star Naomie Harris did her bit for unemployment in New York when the sexy Brit landed an out-of-work Brooklyn pal a job on blockbuster Miami Vice. Londoner Harris has to perfect a Brooklyn accent for her role as a streetwise cop in the new Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell film and director Michael Mann thought she'd perfect the drawl best if she was living with real New Yorkers. After flying his sexy star to the Big Apple, Mann was delighted to hear she'd befriended a real Brooklyn girl - and asked Harris to sign her up. The actress explains, "I met this fantastic girl, Toya, who lived in the Bronx. "When I got back to Miami, I told Michael how helpful she was, and he said, 'Bring her along.' She went from being unemployed to being flown to Miami and staying in a nice hotel, and all we did was hang out."