British actress Naomie Harris has hit out at people who criticise skinny celebrities, insisting being called 'thin' is as hurtful as being called 'fat'. The 28 Days Later star laments the public's obsession with size, and believes women of all shapes and weights should be celebrated. She says, "At the premiere of Miami Vice, one of the people who worked on the movie came up to me and said, 'Don't lose any more weight - you look too skinny.' "I thought it was so rude - you wouldn't go up to someone and say, 'You look too fat', but it is accepted that you can criticise someone who is skinny. "I wish the world didn't have one ideal of how women should be because we come in so many different shapes and sizes. And I don't think we should denigrate women who are skinny in order to celebrate women who are fatter - let's celebrate women of every size."