British actress Naomie Harris has hit out at movie co-stars Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek for turning their back on her when she suffered a serious car accident just days after they wrapped a movie together. Harris had to escape through the roof of her car when it burst into flames after flipping over in an LA canyon, shortly after she had finished filming her first Hollywood job, 2004 action thriller After the Sunset. Despite having handed out gifts to her co-stars at the film's wrap party just days earlier, not one of them visited her in intensive care as she got over her injuries. She says, "Everyone was so lovely that I thought I'd made all these amazing life long friends. I was in intensive care. All these people I'd written to knew about it, but not one single person sent me a card or called to see how I was. I thought, 'OK I get this now.' I felt so duped, but I was under no illusions."