Naomie Harris believes she has been protected from sexual harassment in her career because she has always worked with women.

The 41-year-old actress has revealed she has never been the victim of sexual misconduct over the course of her career, and thinks her decision to hire fellow females in her management team has helped shield her from the alleged harassment other actresses have claimed to have suffered.

She said: ''When everything [about Harvey Weinstein] was blowing up, my manager did remind me about a person who asked me, post-screening, to go up to his room and have a drink.

''But because my manager is amazing, she immediately stepped in and said, 'That's not happening under any circumstances'. It was four or five years ago.

''You need people around you who can guide you and make sure you're protected. And it seems like so many women didn't have that. I feel so grateful because I really always have - maybe because I've always worked with women. Maybe that makes a difference. I do have some men on my team, but it's largely women.''

Late last year, allegations against Harvey Weinstein began to surface, with many actresses claiming they had been sexually harassed by the disgraced producer, which prompted people across the entertainment industry to come forward with stories about other alleged offenders, including actors Kevin Spacey and Ed Westwick.

And 'Moonlight' actress Naomie believes the young actors and actresses who became alleged victims of this misconduct were not ''protected'' enough by the people close to them.

Speaking to Net-A-Porter's The Edit magazine, Naomie said: ''Hearing the stories, I feel like people weren't protected enough - especially when you're starting in this profession in your early twenties.

''It's incredibly intimidating, and then you have these hugely powerful people who, literally, with one phone call, can change your life and your career overnight.''